I'm burning through the sky, yeah!
                                                          Two hundred degrees
                                                         That's why they call me
                                                               Mister Fahrenheit 
                                               I'm traveling at the speed of light
                                   I wanna make a supersonic man out of you!
      Hallo, Ich bin Chloe!
      Wie heisst du?
      I'm not actually German, I'm just gifted with incredible speech. 
      I'm remarkably modest, I know. ;)
      *As you may tell I might possibly have the most colossal crush on Zack Merrick. We're meant to be! 
      *As you may also tell I love Queen and in particular, Don't Stop Me Now. It always lifts my spirits.
      *I do tend to love music in general.
      *I love the book Coraline! (Neil Gaiman is the bomb diggity.)
      *Writing really helps with my anxiety. It also is a great release of my feelings. I just let them flow. 
      *I'll be forever grateful of my good friend McKenzie, she has transformed me into the lady I am today and introduced me to the world of words. And might I say she has done a pat-on-the-back worthy job.
      *That modesty is creeping back up on you! ;)
      Well I hope you go on to have the most enticing life!
      Message me if you want. I'll tend to just be writing on here anyway!
      P.S. That's my smokin' brother! ^
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