I write for fun, it's an addictive hobby I can't seem to shake off. I don't mind constructive criticism and I sure don't mind if you want me to read your stories. I  like helping others out. It's really hard to share something you've written. We all need encouragement.I'm still nervous sometimes! =D Any ways feel free to give me suggestions .  I love feedback. Even if you don't vote comment so I know what I'm doing right or wrong =D

Well hello there! I love it here the people are awesome! So drop me a message whenever love to chat!

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Cruel Passion (Book 1 and 2)

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Description: It's hard to fall in love but even harder to fall out. Kim is starting to fall for her boss. The most sexiest man a live. It was at that moment when he had asked her out for dinner that she had expected something to happen and it did. It did happen...

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dima_jj posted a message to Blush18
You should know that posting a new chapter of the second book from in love with a married sex God isn't showing(that's if your posting any) if are and it's not showing i am probably sure there is something wrong with something In your account. Try making another book and its part 2 ya know? LOVE UR BOOK AMAZZAAAANGG!!<3