Hi, my name is Ashlyn. Here are some random facts about me(:

- I have an addiction to tea and coffee
- I enjoy making friendship bracelets
- I hope one day to publish a book
- I want to be a chef
- My favorite color is purple
- I usually only write in my free time but I want to make it a daily thing
- I currently live in California 
- I lived in Alaska until I was 13
- My favorite animal is either a giraffe or a hedgehog
- I love talking to people
- So, you should talk to me(:
- I would die without music
- I need to go to Warped Tour some day
- I can be really hyper sometimes and I will ramble on and on and on and not stop talking
- Kind of like right now.... Hah
- I can't think of anything else right now to write down here....
- Bye(:
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