I am back and ready to take over the works. Looking forward to all of you to read. 

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Description: "Just a little bitter and just a little sweet, It's the heart that burns but the love that grows worth to keep."

Alright it is finally up for all of you-! I hope you all like it, it is there for you all to enjoy. Tell me if I should post more of this story, its a pretty risky one to the one's I have written previously, but I feel good about it. =)

-X Angelica
Alright so the plan was to post after school today and I will, but I have run into some obstacles that are stopping me from doing so at the moment Just keep an eye out for it, it will be out I just don't know at what time. -X Angelica
I have news to you all, I will be posting a new story tomorrow. It's something that I have had on my mind for quite a while now and I can't wait for  you all to delve into one of the two worlds that I have created for you all. Well I'll be looking forward to that and I hope you will be too. -x Angelica :)