A gargantuan salutation to the geeky microcosm of the idiocy of this world that is Mr Watkins. I am the epitome of physical lethargy. I am the essence of applied brain-power. I am something of a manic-depressive; in my better moods I am quite mad, in my worse I am a bastard. I can range from being inconceivably narcissistic to inconsolably self-deprecating. I act often as agony aunt to friends, especially and usually regarding relationships, which, until recently, I had as much hands-on experience with as I do with professional cricket. Though I doubt professional cricket makes anyone feel quite as terrible. Suicidally bored, perhaps, but not that bad. I am opinionated and anal, but I mostly like to think not unbearable. I warmly accept the label 'geek'. It's what I am; big whup. Here's confirmation of that: GAT/C/CS/CC/ED/H/L/PA/S/SS/O d-- s+:+ a---- C++ U++ P+ L E W+++ N+++ o+ K w+ O++ M++ V PS++ PE- Y+ PGP t* 5 X++ R++ tv+++ b++++ DI+++ D+ G++ e h r !z+ 

I have been interested in acting since I was a repugnant nipper, so have continued that throughout my life. Hopefully this will provide a career. If not I shall sob copiously and resort to being sullen in print. Which is what I'm doing here.
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Elegy for Wilbur

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Description: How I dealt with the death of the family dog I loved and grew up with since early childhood.

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A Beetle in a Matchbox

A Beetle in a Matchbox

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Not particularly comfortable saying exactly what this is about. But I'd be interested in people's interp...

Piccadilly Moment

Piccadilly Moment

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Inspired to write this after an uncomfortable moment on the Underground. Think of it and 'Unity' as comp...



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A poem about modern London life.

Baker's Lizard

Baker's Lizard

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A poem/song I wrote in response to general irritation with our current PM, based on Matt Baker's legenda...

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