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Bonjour my little wattpadions! What a pleasant surprise! :) you have chosen well in coming to my page and so will be rewarded with free intent hugs! :) and I guess if you ask the butler nicely he might even give you some cookies :D yumm. 

So you want to know about me.. Well tough! He he. All you need to know is that I love you! Except you there with the creepy smile, you leave now :S 


I love reading most fiction be it supernatural, normal, boyxgirl, girlxgirl, boyxboy, romance, comedy, horror, what ever, so feel free to recommend a book (even if its yours) ;)  

And come have a chat :D promise I won't bite... Unless you ask nicely :P 



♀+♀= ♥ GENDER
♂+♂= ♥ DOESN'T                    
♂+♀= ♥ MATTER  



Sexy One Shots :D

Sexy One Shots :D

7 parts / 15 pages, updated Feb 17, 2013R
Just some little one shots for the pervs in the audience ;) Enjoy ...
99,340 reads votes 901 comments 82
Maybe you Bit off more than you can Chew

Maybe you Bit off more than you can Chew

9 parts / 22 pages, updated Oct 02, 2012R
Lexi and Jaz are best friends, have been forever and will always be. Notorious for never giving into guys, these two girls are a force to be recko... read more
1,335 reads votes 34 comments 28

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Naughty One Shots (My Revenge)Werewolf Boot Camp, How You Saved Me.

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Wattpad made it private, I think if you follow me then you should be able to read it :( sorry, let me know if it works?
Sexy One Shots :D

@Myth-Reader hmm, hadn't considered doing that but I might do considering that I enjoyed writing it so much :-)
Sexy One Shots :D

Part 2 is up :) wattpad made it private though! :S Sorry!
Sexy One Shots :D

Thank you so much! I am working in some stuff right now but will do as soon as possible :)
Sexy One Shots :D

@xXXxuniiqu3xXXx @pooter420 haha I like him too :D there may just be a one shot with him coming up...
Sexy One Shots :D

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