What Makes You Beautiful

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Leah By LDCrichton Completed
This is the official One Direction Valentine's Day story, a special Valentine’s gift to their Wattpad fans.
    Here is One Direction's Valentine's wish to the Wattpad fans, http://on.fb.me/Acv2Q2
    One Direction isn’t just the band’s name; Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson’s love life also seem to be headed in one direction…nowhere. While they prepare for their upcoming Valentine's Day concert, the conversation quickly turns from their showbiz life to their love life...or lack thereof. But they cannot predict what the following day has in store for them. Can a spontaneous surprise, unrequited love, an old family friend, a wrong number and a chance contest send them in a new direction?
It's 2015 and my first time reading this! Aren't I just awesome!
@Eatinger16 lol ↓↓
                                    You simply say a simple sentence then a word is detected, then from the emotional sentence u made, it turned out as a song.
Listening to "what makes you beautiful" right now lol love it
I remember hearing 'u don't know ur beautiful' for the first time and not knowing who one direction was and I was in love!!
.....Girl this is one Direction where talking about here ...there like the best band ever !
Am i the only one stunned on how she finished her coffee so fast