Pulling the Trigger (Book 1 of the Master of Insanity Series)(on hold, editing)

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BlackFrosting By BlackFrosting Updated 3 years ago
At first, Cut thinks he's going crazy; he was the only one that could hear the pleading screams of people he's never met before. At first, Cut was head over heels in feelings for his girlfriend Snowy, but here's Angel, his best friends girlfriend, living up to her name and never leaving his mind. 
But now, he knows he's not just stupid in love with Angel; they're connected, in more than just fate.

At first, Angel thought everything was perfect; she had her wonderful boyfriend Menace in her life. She was starting new. At first, Angel thought she was just dreaming when the voices invaded her mind. She was wrong. 
Now, she's tangled up in the existence of Cut, trying to break free to stay loyal to Menace.
Now, she's trying to understand why her and Cut have such a connection, why only they can hear voices of the damned.
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