Avenging Annie (Black Butler FanFic) ~Book One~

Riley Hart was only 16 when her father brutally murdered her mother and himself. At the scene of the Crime, Ciel Phantomhive and his unusual Butler, Sebastian Michealis, appear and take her and her sister, Annie, to their home. While there, Riley begins to see a certain man with long, blood-red hair hopping through trees and staring into her window. She begins to feel attatched to this man... Meanwhile, sadistic murders pop up around the Phantomhive manor, and she is forced to face this man. She learns that a young girl is responsible, and finds her family entangled in it all.
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<3 dis! W8 a sec! This is called Avenging Annie! So will Annie die? NOOOOO!!! I liked her!!! ;-;
Gr8 so far! I rly like this! It's so sad in da beginning, but very well written! Ooooo Ciel! My love xD

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