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Littlelala By Littlelala Updated 3 years ago
Sierra played the Ouija board with her best friend and now they both have to deal with the consequences.

You've got a ghost, a jerk, and a best friend. 

Who's the ghost?

Why's the jerk suddenly in the picture?

And why's her best friend, Michael, involved?

Read on to find out in this twisted tale where Sierra must obey the ghost's commands, even if it means replacing Michael with the jerk...for good.

                        © Littlelala , 2012
Phuk_u Phuk_u 5 months ago
*strokes imaginary beard* Interesting...

But srsly, this is actually a really good concept!
xxKatiexx xxKatiexx 3 years ago
@Littlelala ahaha. It makes me laugh that one of our most recognisable video game franchises is about Italian plumbers :D
xxKatiexx xxKatiexx 3 years ago
Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! Aaaaah! This is awesome. I'm sorry I havnt read it before now though. And before I read this story, I thought it was called a Luigi Board. Ya know like Mario and Luigi. Ahaha. I shall continue to read!
HaydenLovesYou HaydenLovesYou 3 years ago
scary. interesting. enthralling.
you've pleased a very picky reader. good job(:
IceRainbow IceRainbow 3 years ago
:O CREEPPPYY!!! xD I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Omg! why ddnt you tell me you gon put this?