Grasp Life Through Short Poems

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Fareeda Biebz Horan By Fareeda Biebz Horan Updated 2 years ago
Life is short so,

Live your life,

Laugh lots,

Read these poems,



Fan me, 

and most importantly,

Love forever <3
the last line doesn't conclude it well enough for me but nicely written :)
I like it.  
It's simple, but deep. 
Great job and keep writing! :)
loved it! very nice some much to say in so little lines. voted
totally my kinda poem.. :)

i loved it..

expressing loads thru such a few lines.. VOTED !!!
I love that you so so much in a short poem...That is the true key to clarity and dept.
i love it =) its short but elegant with a lot of meaning in it =) well done =D