The Girl Who Cried Blood

When Mae was forced to go to Whitehall College, deep in the mountains where no one could find her, she didn't plan on making friends or falling in love. In her eyes, people who love her are stupid and ignorant. She believes the only people who ever loved her died when she was 10. She killed them because she had no choice. She killed them because she is a Diaboli Angel; a mixture of powerful demon and angel blood. Millions of people were sacrificed to create her... She feels the burden of their lives on her shoulders every day. 1st book in the Bloody Tears Trilogy!
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This story is so demonic with a hint of pure and humanity it draws me in inch by inch loving it
My love! Haha I miss you and your unic writting! Lol
Thought of giving a little taste to your other work :P mmm...I like it! Going to keep reading ;)
Oh yeah, and the cover ROCKS! I totally want that red lippy and nail polish! It also really suits the story XD

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