Justin Bieber's Gay? (A BoyxBoy Comedy)

“I want to thank everyone for being here tonight. I love you guys.” I said into the microphone. All my fans started screaming my name saying that they loved me to and I smiled. “I have to tell you guys a secret of mine.” The cheering died down and they stood quietly waiting to see what I’d say. I heard a voice scream ‘I love you Justin Bieber’ in the back taking advantage of the quietness. I swallowed and grabbed the mic off the stand. “I’m gay.” Hushed whispers arose from the shocked crowd. Then one by one they all left. Justin Bieber's secret ruined his career and all his fans have turned on him. Devastation drives him to run away from his life and become a whole new person. With a new identity he finds love and loss. Justin Bieber's Gay? is a whole 'nother world.
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yall bitches take shit so fucking serious
 its NOT REAL damn yall hoes hype for nun
your a stupid ass man looking bitch whore cuz HE IS NOT GAY asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thats really rude that you would make a story of him being gay. HE IS NOT FUCKING GAY. Hes fucking perfect if anything.
i don't like him. but still a little off don't you think. still good bye             
:)            :0           ;0               ;)
OK, i know this is ALL FAKE, but still this story makes no sense, he is not gay, and even, beliebers would stay support him, we'd stay
How can u even think that justins gay let alone make a story out of it  JUSTIN BIEBER IS NOT GAY !!!

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