The Bonus Prize

-ONE DIRECTION FAN-FICTION- Scarlett Cain and Stella-Mae Pond have just won the Rock Out Loud Competition by Syco Productions. They set out to London to record their album with Syco along with an unknown bonus prize. Once they reach London, they find Harry Styles and Zayn Malik in their hotel room! Wait... Does that mean that Scarlett and Stella-Mae are going to be roommates with them? Is that the bonus prize?!
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My Fav song by them is What Makes You Beautiful!! 

 I love this story!! Great job!!
lovved this chappiie ><' plzzzz update asap cuz last time I thought that u guys deleted the stoory !!
Hullo!! Finally you got Mikaella to finish it!! I'm her friend from school and she wouldn't listen to me telling her to finish it!! I thought it was Amazing!!!
Oooh I like this already, and that's rare! It usually takes me ages to get into stories. PLEASE update soon!!!!!!!! x
Love the start of this!! :) Can't wait for the next update!! My friend loves One Direction so I'll tell her about this story :D!!
Oh okay! Just saw the 5th page! Sorry for bursting on you like that! Awesome job with Fanfic you guys! UPLOAD SOON!!!

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