Never Been Kissed

“Do you believe in Fate?” “Well, I do now.” Ivy had never thought Soulmates existed, until she met hers. And hers just happened to be a Prince. Now, two years on, fate wants an answer – what would’ve happened, if she’d never met him? She’s thrown into a different world, the world in which the “Ivy Moore” never existed. Instead, she’s “Poison Ivy”, the girl she’d always wanted to be. But nothing’s without sacrifice. Her sweet Prince Charming has turned into a delinquent, and is engaged to another. Her best friend, Aaron, is somehow royalty. And the only side-effect Ivy had been looking forward was getting her dead parents back again. No luck. Poison Ivy is destined to live alone. The only way she can get out of this mess, and back to sanity, is to kiss a boy she loves. But how can she love the crude, obnoxious bastard her Prince has turned into? Well…Maybe she can.
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Try not to use the same frase over. And over. And over. We get it, tongues twisting in sweet agony. This is literally like the third time you've used it...
ummmm this is a totally random thought but................CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!
lol that's how I feel when I wear my school uniform when I pass the public school's cuz our school if for the top students in the region
This seems like a really good book but it has too little chapters so I dont want to start it..... :(
Do you hear me crying? I hate myself for starting this argh bc u aren't going to update why do I do to myself!?
Omagad, i love your story <3 would love even more if you update! <3 your so good at writing :)

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