The Puppet Girl. (Completed)

Ever had a hobby that later turned into an obsession? Well then, meet Summer, a town girl from Ireland who loves to play and talk to her puppets until she is sent to Madrid. There she encounters a whole new world of mysteries and magic, she comes across a portrait and is intrigued by its story and the lady in it. join her as she drifts into Al-andalus a kingdom that was ruled by the Moors of spain and forgotten in time.
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This book is so good I think I will share it with my friends I told my one friend and she thought that I was weird.
She's in eva's world and thats really awesome but I want to know whats going on in the other side where she is almost dead, is rain freaking out?
i'm already hooked to this story. the concept is so new and original. Love it and hope you update more please.
Plxxx upload the book everyday if you can I so wanna know wars coming next after chapter 15
I love this book it really fills my hearts cxx posted at quarter past four in morning LOL
Aah! Interessante! ;) Very well written! By the way, "Rain" and "Summer" ? Naice! :D I going to read on and you got my vote!

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