The System (ON HOLD)

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Aimee :D By XxBeautifulChaosxX Updated 4 years ago
The Other known as Leagh was rescued from the confines of City 34152 when she was four and since then she trained to kill the man responsible for enslaving her twin brother and the deaths of her parents. However much she trains she cannot return until she is eighteen or they’ll capture her and probably kill her. Leagh decided The System was going down but as she grows the amount of children escaping reduces and Jeign, the kind woman who lives at the top of a private land where the Guard cannot come is ill and her son left to help her but Leagh hasn’t heard from either of them for weeks and she begins to worry. The Others cannot try any rescue missions until he is back as he is over eighteen.
This is really good!!
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Hey hey! I really like your ideas so far! It's so creative and interesting! I will definitely continue reading! One thing though, maybe space out your paragraphs a bit because it's more eye appealing to a reader! :)
what a beautiful dress! She seems very mature for a four-year-old.  I really like this story!