Picture Perfect

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Immlaaarr By Immlaaarr Updated a year ago
Tyler had everything he'd always wanted, his picture-perfect life; the gorgeous husband, the amazing kid, the wonderful job and the beautiful home. Until his husband left him for a blonde, rich actor, leaving Tyler alone with no place for him and his six-year-old adopted daughter, Saskie. His sister, Siobhan, is worried that Tyler might become depressed, but Tyler has other ideas. After throwing all of Colin's things into a wood-chipper, he buys an art gallery in England, and moves there with full custody of Saskie. Tyler begins to feel that maybe a divorce was just what he needed to start afresh and Saskie's favourite teacher, Elliot, is definitely one of the highlights of the new neighbourhood. Can Tyler settle into his new life and find more happiness with Saskie, or will old memories be too much for him to handle?
Bentobear Bentobear 8 months ago
Money again. Tsk but it's sad to see Collin gettong over Tyler
mhine_honey mhine_honey 9 months ago
i was just wondering, do tyler and colin (when they were younger) appear in one of your stories ?? i've read several stories of yours and i think i encountered their names and its been bothering me . thanks . by the way the story is really good .. nice job ! :))
Adrianlors Adrianlors 10 months ago
haha I would also trash Collin's face,i can't stand cheaters
ilove_this ilove_this 11 months ago
im sorry wrong book mabey i should see whitch book im commeting on next time
laughmuchshay laughmuchshay 11 months ago
i really hope that so-called actor gets what he wants and leave colins