Sacrificial Love: The Beginning

No one ever knew about the secret Elizabeth Lawson kept for many years. Being an Angel of Principalities has its advantages, her charm and infinite powers could make any guy fall at her feet. For years, she was known to love James Peters, the mortal who captured her heart, her mind and her soul. When James left without so much of a goodbye, there came another young man trying to replace his place. Charles Keith was determined to make Elizabeth fall in love with him. Little did she know he was not what he said he was. Sent by the devil himself to make a grand entrance for the rise of the dead, Charles had no choice but to obey his master’s orders. The High Councils appointed Elizabeth and her family to find the twelfth tribe in order to fulfill the prophecy but will they succeed? Will time, power and friendship be the only things Elizabeth needs sacrifice?
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A different style from which I've read before. And I mean this as a compliment! :)
for prologues I don't expect much length, so I think this is fine : ) Great start!
I will surely love your story sis ;-)...give me time to read it all before I can review..but I've voted already hahhaaa...
I could almost see the lights blazing to life. I'm so reading the nextie even though I'm barely awake. :]
Love does make things meaningful. Good
 books, continue to work God Bless u Lis.
Yes, beautiful cover...she looks soft and gentle as if a real angel just like what the book is about.

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