An Alpha's Daughter's Crush (Completed)

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Mel By khassal Completed
Mel is an Alpha's daughter & a virgin who has had a secret crush on Tyler for the last 3 years,
    Tyler's 16th birthday is coming up real soon will she be his mate or will his girlfriend Corrie be his mate?
    Along the way there is so much for her to handle will she cope with it all or will she run 
    this story has some sex  scenes in it but will warn on page
    happy reading please comment and vote
Omg. I'm feeling the Lolita vibes right now. What is this short female protagonist fetish? I can't help but think of her as a child. It's kind of disgusting really.
I'm like that to my friends and it's because I get nervous around other people and my friends I know better so I'm more comfortable and open. I'm also loud according to them.
Kinda tired of seeing you in my notifications, it's pretty obvious @FrozenInOneDirection  might be ignoring you. Not trying to start anything just saying it's not a big deal, just drop it. c:
@Wonder10 I think @klaire09 cares because it is very hard to read a book like that. And maybe the writer hadn't noticed and wants to fix it when they can. 
                                      Usually I don't read a story with paragraphs like that but I'm here for the sex scenes..!  Proud sexual being!✋☝️
So far I  I like the story the word set up really bugs me though 
Why so many paragraphs when the sentence hasn't even finished yet