One shot BoyxBoy sex scenes*

These are one shot sex scenes of regular guys or band members hope you'll enjoy this. This will actually help get me into the mind set of writing sex novels because its what ima start doing c: So enjoy.
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XD dont u remember the part where it said he was in tears so no i dont think they used lube -Ruby
Again, no lube? The scene was pretty good and i really like the buildup (And the characters, ptv are awesome) but without lube that's got to hurt a lot *wince*
ow do you fit so much sexyness in to only two pages this is talent you should start writing books like this
ok, i am going to imagine they are in a bed, alone, not in a bus bathroom full of people on that bus, who can probably hear them...
Maybe you could do Frerard (gerard way & frank iero) or rikey (mikey way &ray toro)?

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