The High Road (On Hold)

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James Delaney Swinney By JamesDSwinney Updated 2 years ago
Elicia was a slave, kidnapped from her home on the Serpent's Tail. Jevar was a thief, living in the slums of Cross and robbing highborn folk to survive. Two wholly different people, one a lady and the other an urchin, live their own lives, struggle through their own pain. It isn't until Jevar robs the wrong person and both their lives are changed entirely, that these two meet, trying to escape the death that awaits them in Cross.
@JamesDSwinney Popular things (ex: twilight, breaking dawn, one direction, ) and other things that correspond with them ( and your story as well) really helps. After all "Sudden Jump." does have2200+ reads
@JamesDSwinney i put lots of one direction related tags into my works and no one has resented it. but anything goes when it comes to reads right?
@JamesDSwinney it helps if you add "current " Tags. such as "One direction" and stuff like that it helps lots, hence why i gotten so many reads on my watty awards story "Sudden Jump."
@JamesDSwinney this is wonderful, to get more readers, if you like, you could add more tags and it makes the ranking go up.
I like how you use so much description and the plot. This is definitely something that's going to keep me up tonight.
I like how Elicia acts, even though she is going through all this, she seems to be a valuable lady still... Very nice =)