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Zayn likes making videos. Liam likes playing video games. Zayn likes art. Liam likes sleeping. Zayn is a famous YouTuber. Liam is a regular school boy. Zayn doesn't know who Liam is. Liam knows all there is to know about Zayn. [THIS STORY DEALS WITH DRUG ABUSE, ALCOHOL ABUSE, AND CHARACTER INJURY. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS AS A WARNING.] All Rights Reserved © fxckthat [cover by turdiform]
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Me if I was going to meet BajanCanadian,Deadlox,Bodil, 5SOS, 1D and Demi Lovato.
My mum said I can't go see TC at Minecon if they still go.SHE SAID IT'S A TOTAL WASTE!  MINECRAFT ISN'T WASTE MUM!
yesss ya are yesss ya if u wasn't this wouldn't be ziam so if you still think ur not gay in this life then read the tittle of the story ur in


*sings in Zayn's voice*


*sobs and sniffs again*
do ye hear that? its my larry heart breakin', shatterin' into millions of pieces in the corner....

ok sorry im done now ill stop

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Name Niall's Boyfriend. Miley's Boyfriend. Luke's Boyfriend. Ariana's Boyfriend. Everyone's Boyfriend.
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