Cave In

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Molly McDonald By MollyEatsWithAFork Updated 2 years ago
'Welcome to Morganville! You'll never want to leave!' Thing is, you can't. At least not without your mind being messed with by vampires, and you forgetting it all. Yeah. I said Vampires. Big Flipping Whoop. The towns crawling with them. Stay out of their way. They're dangerous. Especially the elders. Like Oliver. His exterior says nice hippy guy. Inside? Dark, scary, mean, and everything of the sort. That's why I'm gonna try and bring this town to the ground. I being Molly. Flaming red head, goth/punk queen extraordinaire, yep. Too bad I didn't count on one very small, inconsiderable, unthinkable, unimaginable thing: Love.
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