Ghostly Friends (editing)

Liana has been able to see ghosts ever since she was a little girl and this, unfortunately, has had her labelled as a freak. Liana doesn't mind though because she has ghosts as her friends, that is until HE showed up. Acario is a new transfer kid and he can also see the ghosts. Acario then befriends her and reveals to her that he's a vampire which opens up a whole new world to Liana. Will she be able to cope?
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i loved your book and voted.plz read mine too,ul love it

i love it... hey could you check out my book 'firestarter' by niki137 (me obviously) plez tell me wat u think
I've always wanted to talk to ghosts but I also want to meet Taylor laugher but that's not gonna happen any time soon:(  haha
Why does it just end at chapter 10? Are u making the next chapter? Im stuck in suspense!!
I love it! I don't know why... but I get sad and I cry a bit... :( Its sad about her dad.
I can't really tell the difference between first second or third so i don't care! I like this story!!

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