A Beautiful Sacrifice

Her village had forsaken her, allowed her to be dragged off to her death, but for Perttu, it wasn't her death he wanted - it was her.
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i LOVE this book, and i've just finished chapter 2! i really like the vampire... i hope he isn't fake and i hope he doesn't hurt her
wow! your descriptions are wonderful and the flow is magical, you entrance... greetings and blessings!!
i know right. it is sooooo well descriptive. W8 does tht sound wrong? Shud i just say well described?
some americans hav pale skin and yea they arent indian so she might be sumthing else?
OMIGOD. This story is AMAZING! One of the best I've read, even compared to published! :D Must. Read. More.
This is so well-written. I applaud the considerable amount of effort put forth to make this story happen. Well done (:

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