Dark Secrets

When tragedy strikes Tori and Lucas are reunited once again. It isn't long and Tori quickly finds herself surrounded by dark secrets of the past and present. With Lucas at her side they must work together to learn the truth, end the lies and despence justice.
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I've  enjoyed both stories, but pls when are u going to complete this bcos it's really intriguing and I'd love to c justice done for River
Wow, definitely an emotional and final way to end River.  Tori is going to be devastated.
No!!!!!I wanna cry!I read the warning in your other book,and said that I wouldn't read this one,but my curiosity got the better of me.:(
i really like this book do you think you could look at mine i just started and want some advice
could you help me out and tell me whats wrong with my book Kidnapped by RachelBoozer Thanks a ton if you dont want to thats ok
I hadn't read the first book either but I loved this soooo much I'm definitely reading the first.........awesome thanks Skylinger :-)

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