Dark Secrets

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Skylinger By Skylinger Updated 8 months ago
When tragedy strikes Tori and Lucas are reunited once again. It isn't long and Tori quickly finds herself surrounded by dark secrets of the past and present. With Lucas at her side they must work together to learn the truth, end the lies and despence justice.
relaxaider4 relaxaider4 a year ago
I've  enjoyed both stories, but pls when are u going to complete this bcos it's really intriguing and I'd love to c justice done for River
MelissaTerry MelissaTerry 2 years ago
I've really enjoyed reading both stories...but from some of the dates on the comments regarding updates it would be nice to know when, or IF, there will be anymore updates
....please at least let us know. Thanks
strikingswirl strikingswirl 2 years ago
NOOOOO. Not reading it. Nope. Nevermind. That didn't happen. BYE.
Wow, definitely an emotional and final way to end River.  Tori is going to be devastated.
mystical_penguin mystical_penguin 2 years ago
sad way to go rivers bt i had liked lucas in d first place...
zombie_cup_cakes zombie_cup_cakes 3 years ago
@Skylinger hey do you have any advice for any of my stories?