Adjusting (MxM)

Adrian has been yanked out of the rogue life violently. While trying to adjust to pack life, he has to deal with the strange new feelings he has towards Alexander. But life isn't so simple. Evil and madness are afoot, and Adrian has to keep an eye out. Why? Because the very people who caused him to become a rogue are back.
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he may not be the alpha but he might be in line to be..... what if his dad is the alpha.... 
hahaha my name is adrian ....hahah and i so happen to be gay....hahah how ironic :P
good cuz no one wants to see a persons underwear. Unless you were a groupie then that would be different
I love this chapter. Your writing skills are awesome you should write more stories :)
well you can kind of use the shit to make fertilizer and make something beautiful grow or bio fuel.....;D
Very well detailed and described. Maybe adding more emotion about how bad the pain was. A creative plot. Good job

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