Sparks (A Dramione One Shot)

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-bambi- By -bambi- Completed
[Winner of @DancesWithSugarCubes one shot contest]   Dramione one shot, set in the Half Blood Prince.
Leperksofbeingaloser Leperksofbeingaloser 5 months ago
I'm just going to imagine that this actually happened and that she didn't end up with Ron, but instead with Draco. Because I  honestly love this.
bookiefashionista bookiefashionista a year ago
loved it but can u make a continuation 
im not really satisfied with the end but its amazing :)))
AylaMRuby AylaMRuby 2 years ago
Brilliant!!!!!! I'm hooked now! And do I detect a hint of foreshadowing with the whole Anna Karenina?? ;p
@Bubbles947 no need, im just saying the truth :D aren't you going to continue this? cause i forgot to give this one a star and now i shall :D
omigawd the first HP fanfiction that i read in wattpad :D good job~ i totally ship them..
Simzzz Simzzz 2 years ago
I loved it!!!!! It's so cute!!! And yes I'm a HUGE dramoine shipper!! <3