MINE!!!! (Book 2 of Werewolf series Kevin's story)

Kevin Forman is Logan's best friend. He died and was brought back to life. He's a funny smart ass werewolf, but loyal to his friends. Everything is good for him all he needs now, is his mate...   Alexandria Tomas is a white magic wolf sent to help a pack find their way back. She has been tortured and beat and treated like a slave. Will she be able to get over her fear of people in order to accept her mate?
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I liked getting some of that insight of the girl, I cant wait for her to come out of her shell, and fall in love with the famous Kevin ;)
wait wait wait... I didn\'t get very far... but who the heck is Destiny...? So confused!! O.O
just finished the first book and it was amazing .....can't wait to read this one
i love your story but Im not able to find book 3 or book 6 could u help me please can't wait to read the next book
Knock, not nock. Wolves, not wolfs. They're( as in they are) not there. Their ( belonging to them) not there.
It is sad that they are both orphans but it is also a happy feeling because they are mates and they will find each other during this battle.

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