Fighting to go on

Samantha's life changed two years ago when her mother died. She now cares for her younger brother and puts up with an abusive guardian. The fun, happy girl turned into the shy, terrified girl. When they move and her and her brother start at a new school, she doesn't plan on making herself known. But when she catches the attention of the resident bad boy, her plans change. What does he see in her? What is he hiding? And most importantly, why is a mysterious wolf suddenly appearing?
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Very Interesting and intriguing!!!  Well written and easily read which is a big plus with me!!
I wish my brother was like that and he can be(if he wanted) ,but 99% he is annoying.
UGHH my lil bro. Is 13 and he's almost a ft. Taller ... And I'm a month away from being 17 and... Only 5'2
It's kinda funny bc this younger bro. Acting like the older one is exactly how mine and my bro act in public lol
I have an english teacher called Mr.Meyer at my school but hes not fun at all and to be honest with you he kinda freaks me out ......
My brother said "I will shoot them in the balls then ground u if you ever get a boyfriend but I love that's why I do it" 

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