Eros, Philia, Agape

This story has been nominated for multiple awards and tells the story of a young couple, Adriana and Lucian, and their daughter Rose. Lucian is a robot and must make difficult decisions about his capacity to love his family and child despite all of their human flaws.
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Poignant story thus far and absolutely beautiful writing. I have fallen in love with your work.
This was beautiful... Almost made me cry... Why do I always wish for happy endings where none will be... :(
woah! what a coincedence! my name is adriana, my middle name is lucia, and my friend is called rose XD thats so weird
btw is your title greek?
because i can speak greek.
this would be:
έρωτας, φιλία, αγάπη.
Omigosh. It was terrible. Terrible and wonderful ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! I absolutely loved it!
sad man.......but in the gud way!!!!! ur ritin is spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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