A man awakens in a secluded cabin to find he's being watched through his window by a shape...a shape with obsidian eyes. What's watching him, and why? This two-time award-winning story by "Pilate's Cross" author J. Alexander Greenwood is a study in isolation, the bonds between parent and child and the horror that lives on every street.
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@PilatesCross Good God. I cried. I wanted to read more, but it definitely served it's purpose as a short story. You know how to tell one. Absolutely loved it.
I really loved this story! I loved your detailed descriptions and your gradual build up of tension- absolutely amazing!
This is really good...the character traits are unique and relatable to anyone who reads it
This is amazing! I love how you capture just how terrifying the creatures seemed to be, and how you made everything so smooth and fluent.
Extremely well done. Quite possibly the best short story I've read, it's truly incredible
I read all of it! I have to say that I love the eerie feeling that I get from this. This is excellent, of course. :)

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