Sexual Attraction & A Bit More. I’m the new student and he’s my new head teacher and were sleeping together. Is it my fault or is it his. A sexual nightmare...
blissit blissit 10 months ago
That's kind of creepy , and how old is she like 15 ???? And he's like what 25 or 30???
Rated__R Rated__R 2 years ago
wish i started to read this on saturday i mean if someone sees i this  school they will think i'm a freak o.o
RawiniaLeGrosWaru RawiniaLeGrosWaru 2 years ago
omg that was a great book stupet head teacher he must come planet horny great book so far x
LeahT92 LeahT92 4 years ago
Awkward? Scary? I don't know what to think yet. haha Voted. :)
LeahT92 LeahT92 4 years ago
This is a good first chapter. I normally don't read these stories, but I think I'm going to read this one. :) A friend actually recommended it to me.
chaterboxxx chaterboxxx 4 years ago
Nice first chapter. Could have waited to put in the headmasters pov lol but really good.