The Forgotten Niece of Sherlock Holmes

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Beck By Beck Updated a year ago
Everyone has heard of the great Sherlock Homes, some may have even heard of his brother Mycroft, but no-one knows about Adriana, I am Eliza, Adriana was my mother, now at 15 and my mother gone I am searching for my family, as which Sherlock is a great part of. And of course, what isn't a good Sherlock story without a crime to solve?

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the rights of the Sherlock Holmes books with all credit going to the publishers of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
I literally sang it and then figured it out after 10 secs @brilliantidea9
Awe poor....Elise I's so funny (not the death) I had a dream last night that Sherlock was my uncle and then I found this book!
Ok before I read this little part I was like, sherlocks a detective...he could probably figure out were she is in two seconds...then I got to this paragraph and my minds like...oh..
@brilliantidea9 I know it's based on Conan Doyle's, but this part reminds me a bit of the BBC version...
Actually I presume this story is based of the stories by sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the language and events place it in a different era
@brilliantidea9 Omfg. Lmao. This now seems like the beginning of season four. haha