The Forgotten Niece of Sherlock Holmes

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BrokenRaven By BrokenRaven Updated 11 months ago
Everyone has heard of the great Sherlock Homes, some may have even heard of his brother Mycroft, but no-one knows about Adriana, I am Eliza, Adriana was my mother, now at 15 and my mother gone I am searching for my family, as which Sherlock is a great part of. And of course, what isn't a good Sherlock story without a crime to solve?

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the rights of the Sherlock Holmes books with all credit going to the publishers of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
bucketykate bucketykate 5 days ago
I literally sang it and then figured it out after 10 secs @brilliantidea9
horseland123 horseland123 15 days ago
All I'm getting involved to say is that you deserve all these vots
horseland123 horseland123 15 days ago
Awe poor....Elise I's so funny (not the death) I had a dream last night that Sherlock was my uncle and then I found this book!
horseland123 horseland123 15 days ago
Ok before I read this little part I was like, sherlocks a detective...he could probably figure out were she is in two seconds...then I got to this paragraph and my minds like...oh..
brilliantidea9 brilliantidea9 5 months ago
@brilliantidea9 I know it's based on Conan Doyle's, but this part reminds me a bit of the BBC version...
ChloBo1D ChloBo1D 5 months ago
Actually I presume this story is based of the stories by sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the language and events place it in a different era