My Crow (Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction)

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"I don't want to stay away from you," she whispered, as her thumb stroked his soft feathers. "You've helped me through the loss of my Grams, you're there when I need someone to talk to and it always seems like you actually understand."  --- A Damon and Bonnie love story ---
LikaDaRomance LikaDaRomance 3 years ago
I just started this and I can tell it's very well written. I can't wait to read the rest.
:( I feel gutted for Bonnie :( You've written this really well though :D
_Serendipity_ _Serendipity_ 3 years ago
On the edge of my chair! Love this! You throw such good vocabulary in this! You give the story a nice flow, and I can't wait to read more! :D Keep up the AMAZING work!
JJeSSea JJeSSea 3 years ago
This is very good, I love the way you describe things. I felt so bad for Bonnie when her Grams died. :(

Now to find out there is a way to slow the aging process! lol
JJeSSea JJeSSea 3 years ago
I LOVE TVD! So this is totally going to my library! 

BTW, I love how descriptive it is. I got a headache just reading about it :P (Rather then thinking things, I picture things. So.. gruesome can get... GRUESOME in my head. lol)
cheeselings cheeselings 3 years ago
nice, really really nice!!
great writing--the emotions are denoted so well :)