He's so cute [book 1]

Hunter Stevens is a 16 year old single father of two of the most adorable little boys in the world. He's one of the sweetest guys that you will ever come across from but many people don't care to get t know him. He gets bullied constantly buy his peers.Teacheres and the principal don't do anything to stop it.His father left his mother when he told them he was gay. His brother and mother love him no matter what and help him raise the twins. His friends love him. Meet Logan Levine, second to be alpha to his family's pack the Levine.He's a 18 year old football player who moved from Arizona to London becuase of his father's new job. What will happen when this two cross paths, will Logan protect Hutner from bullies or will he be the same as everyone else? Read and find out.
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I don't understand how a 16 yrold can be a father... I mean he can, but it would have been a bit more realistic if he was atleast 18
Rubbing my hands together, can't wait to read this.  The intro has got me interested.  Lets go go go.
When I read stuff and I like it I somehow say it out loud like there my words. I just did that. I could be a great actress
That is sorta creepy. Just saying, but so cool! What is the othef twins name- You have only mentioned Kyle?
@Kirara23 that's what I thought and you do make sense! Can't wait to see how this turns out!
So baby Kyle is Liam's mate? Interesting.. so many names i have to get use to....

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