Never bite a werewolf (on hold)

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Bertiebert By Bertiebert Updated 3 years ago
Odette is a werewolf and according to her mother out of control. So her mother packs her up and sends her off to a boarding school for the supernatural. Even though she expected it to be a weird place. She had no idea how weird. When students start to go missing. She is led down a dangerous path trying to discover why.
justme12139 justme12139 3 years ago
The whole Boarding school is different . I how is different like that. And it seem like a good story.
Ally_Cat Ally_Cat 3 years ago
I like how natural your writing is:) The dialogue is never unrealistic. I also like how unique your storyline is appearing to be:) Good job.
nadu_darling nadu_darling 3 years ago
The first thing that stuck out for me straight away were the names of the characters; they are so unique! I've read so many werewolf stories on this website but this is a really interesting plot idea so keep it up!
I love the name you gave your character. The characters have an interesting personality. The plot seems interesting. I am not a fan of werewolf but the plot seems interesting~ Good job with the dialogue it sounds so realistic~
HitTheLightsx HitTheLightsx 3 years ago
Love this! I don't read werewolf stories very often, but this is amazing! :D Keep it up love!
myziamlove myziamlove 3 years ago
I like werewolf stories, but I love this one! Just some grammar/spelling mistakes, but those can be taken care of easily. I hate how her mom is, though! I can't stand it D: but, it just makes for a better story(: continue on!