Lady of Deep Waters (Early Draft) (A Free 'Verse New World Story)

Story by Jodi Ralston; Cover Design by CoverD, original stock photography by Marcus Ranum. Near death, Mr. Ayers stumbles across a statue-fountain of a lady in the wilds of the New World. It points him in the direction of a mansion, whose sole, male inhabitant looks eerily like the statue, and he begins to wonder who or what truly saved him. *Note 1*: This is not the final version of this story. *Note 2*: This series is set in a fictionalized place, not our world.
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That was a terrifying and vivid nightmare! I love the poetic way in which you describe the action, it's beautiful.
Oh his new mysterious benefactor gives me the chills, I am not sure if he is friend or foe and this point which is delightful!
Absolutely beautiful prose, I love the ways in which you described the fountain and the character's reaction it was almost lyrical which I love.

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