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Just because someone is meant to be right for you doesn’t mean they are. Just because he loves you, doesn’t mean he needs you. Perhaps that is where Chloe and Xavier’s story starts. With Xavier knowing that while he may love Chloe, he doesn’t need her and that is where Chloe’s heart breaking tale begins. A story that proves that not ever love story gets a happy ending.
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@itstamera it's not like the teacher can stop you if you try to because they can get in trouble. All they can do is tell you no and write you up.
I can't read this, her attitude it horrible. I can't even imagine living with her, I just..ugh. I literally just HATE her with a STRONG passion.
She's not sleeping around it was one guy and she was a virgin. He's just mad because it wasn't him. Nothing can change it. He'll never of been her first.
What'd she do?! U rejected her!! Get over it!! She's going to be with other guys now because u couldn't be a man and except fate!!
what is the issue of Teacher Xavier? and why this crazy Chloe in unstable mind without mate? ruining herself? hahaha
Really? Did he save his virginity for his mate too. Why do girls have to stay virgins while boys not?

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