Twisting You

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Simone By Explode Completed
Just because someone is meant to be right for you doesn’t mean they are. Just because he loves you, doesn’t mean he needs you. Perhaps that is where Chloe and Xavier’s story starts. With Xavier knowing that while he may love Chloe, he doesn’t need her and that is where Chloe’s heart breaking tale begins.  A story that proves that not every love story gets a happy ending.
Fiftieth time reading this book. It's truly amazing. I wish she would update Secrets.
Re-Reader. The feels are real. Its so sad. *tears falling in slow motion*
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If they've already warned her multiple times and offered her assistance and she refused it, they can expel her. Legally she doesn't have to stay if she's 16+.  What's the point of her staying there if she doesn't have the minimum grade requirements to graduate? o_O
I will NEVER have friends like that EVER I'm irritated and I'm just thinking about the possibility
This is already super unrealistic. Also, who the hell reads that in front of the whole class? Geez