Soul of the Phoenix

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overandabovethestars By overandabovethestars Updated 3 years ago
WARNING: This story contains secrets and scenes not recommended for the faint of heart.
    But if you are strong and brave enough to believe that there are greater powers at work, forces of which we hardly know, and gifted creatures and humans who walk among us everyday, then you've come to the right place.
    If you believe in the power that exists deep within all of us, and if you believe in the importance of friendship, trust and love, then read on.
    And spread the word.
    We all have powers that are unique to us.
    Are you ready to find out about yours?
I'm just new here can you read my story please
This is really intreguing so far & your description of the book hooked me right away, good job! :)
Very powerful hook in this prologue, its short but straight to the point :D
Wow! This was..awesome and Very interesting.I'm definitely reading on, just not tonight.
Great intro and prologue! The imagery of your descriptions drew me in, even if what I read was a tad short. Not that I'm complaining, it may be short but it definitely got my attention. Reading on further. :)
Great hook. I was instantly drawn to Katherine's story. She sounds like a very real character and you were able to project her as a 3D person instead of a flat cardboard cut out. Great job!