Tattooed Love

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Explode By Explode Updated 5 months ago
You don't choose who you love, your heart does. Your heart doesn't understand that loving that person could lead to your own destruction. Follow Amber, as she falls for a man that she shouldn't, and makes mistakes she is sure to regret.   A dangerous and deadly love story, with more drama and twists than any other.
26lettersblog 26lettersblog 14 days ago
she doesn't have any good support. And support can/should be found in a partner, friend, and family. So everybody should just calm down.
26lettersblog 26lettersblog 14 days ago
Okay I know some people might have found that sexists or offensive. But I don't think it has anything to do with gender in this case. It seems like she does need somebody to save her from herself and in this case
drug_in_me_is_you_ drug_in_me_is_you_ 18 days ago
if its high school then why was there a middle schooler therw
SimpleSunset SimpleSunset a month ago
It'd be more like 
Boy: I'm choosing a new partner.
Me: Sure whatever.
SimpleSunset SimpleSunset a month ago
Me too but I'm not at home... I'm at sick kids hospital reading
Bosstele Bosstele a month ago
Great start ! lol , love it , gonna keep read it reading this book  (: