He Pushed Me Against The Wall {Student/Teacher Romance}

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brittney By brittney Updated 4 years ago
How is it that Brooke Daniels has tried everything, yet she still hasn't managed to snag the only thing she wants? The only thing she truly desires? 

What exactly is it she is lusting after, you may be silently asking. Well what is it we woman want in general? Jewelry? Money that has no limit on its wasting? Of course she might want this, if she didn't already have it.

No, what she really wants is love. Fire burning, body tingling, sot after love, but not with just anyone. She finds herself practically on her knees in all of Carter Cale's glory. What happens when she finds herself in an unorthodox situation that just might get her just what she wants? Well when life gives you Lemons, you damn well better make Lemonade.
Really loving it at the moment you shouldnt so hard on yourself because with time will come thosands of fans and who knows you could be the next emily bronte or nora roberts but pppplllleeeeaaaasssseee upload more chapters