Forbidden Essence

Sent as a spy to the kingdom of West, Arabella would do everything in her power to prevent the war brewing behind castle walls from occurring again. However, she did not not know that her plans would go into ruins when she begins to slowly fall in love with the Prince of the West. Her entire world is jerked into a personal hell hole when she gets caught, and yet she will not hinder, but will love overrule her former decisions? Give it a chance. (:
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I feel bad for the King. I also want to jump in the book, march up to him, slap him, and the remind him what his wife's last words were.
really enjoyed  the prologue there another story 1you have written 2 come after this one? seems that i recognize the names
I honestly don't know why this story doesnt have more reads its very well written and unique. All thar from onlu reading the first chapter.;) Love it
I love it! But I have a feeling that the reason they're going to the West wing isn't a good one...
Liked this chapter!!..this story has a lot of potential, please keep updating!! :)

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