Stupid Possessive Alpha.

When Alexis's mum suddenly makes them pack up and leave their home she knows something is wrong. What her mum didnt know is that they moved towards the very thing she wanted to keep her children away from. Alexis then meets a very possessive, controlling jerk named Brody. What will she do when everything catches up to her? Read to find out. x
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Reasons to hate sexy stranger:
1. Rude
2. Pushed me against locker
3. Controlling 
4. Makes me what to jump his bones
Your profile pic works well with this statment. I had dan's voice in my mind as i read this b
Why is  it that on the books they always reply so calmly to tjat kond of stuff? I would of been shouting "RAPE"
Yea, well what should I have done when some creep that I never met starts playing with my hair and being an effing weirdo?
You really shouldn't have done that *Jack's voice and starts kicking ass* Anyhoo its from Kickin' It in Disney XD
@tailorgang lol i was texting. some and i went here by accident glade it wadnt naughty

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