Stupid Possessive Alpha.

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Gemma Leigh Nurdin By GemmaLeighNurdin Completed
When Alexis's mum suddenly makes them pack up and leave their home she knows something is wrong. What her mum didnt know is that they moved towards the very thing she wanted to keep her children away from. 
    Alexis then meets a very possessive, controlling jerk named Brody. What will she do when everything catches up to her? Read to find out. x
So much happened in the first chapter like woah there slow down
and if it was on repeat, I would've done it again and again...
How do you knee some one in the balls if you're sitting on their lap ,•___•, that would be the most awkwardest way to knee someone. He could have totally pushed you off if he wanted to, you wouldn't have the time to knee him.
I would freak out if that happened to me at school . Like nah that ain't happening .
thats kinda how I felt when I found out I was moving to Oregon I didn't believe until we had gotten off the plane and was in Portland
Wait is he physically in her locker? So confused ... Just kidding