Hopes, Dreams, and Horses?

Lara was awaiting her summer with glee, excited to spend time with her friends without her teachers constantly telling them to be quiet. Her parents, however, had other ideas. Instead of allowing Lara to be with her friends, they sent her fifty miles away to a summer camp at Brook View Riding Academy. Lara wants nothing to do with the big horses, big egos, and big standards. Paired up with a horse she originally wanted nothing to do with, she forms and unbreakable bond to him. And when she discovers that after she leaves, he is to be ridden by the snobbiest girl at the barn, she doesn't want to leave. In the end, love wins over all. HELLO EVERYONE! If you are not interested in reading a book written by an 11 year old, you may be interested in going and reading version 2 of this story! It is the same exact story, but written better. If you choose not to, well... proceed with caution and enjoy the story! :)
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well she did say at the beginning about the book, there is a better version, (personally I like this one cause) @ChiaraPreston
I agree with @cecily57 write positive stuff about THIS BOOK don't advertise your own or another persons book. Selfish
haha i love hoe she said the wrong name and she just happened to say MY NAME!!! OMG!! lol srry <3
I know a pony named Vegas. Most onery thing you've ever met. Anyways, it's really good! Looking forward to reading more!
Loved it. I cried at the end it was not sad it was so good i wanted it to countinued
@emmasontucker WILL LOVE DIS BOOK!!!!!! I DO AND ILL BE SPENDING MY WEEKEND READING IT!! You have now gained another follower :)

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