You Chose The Wrong Person To Kidnap

Rain Knightly is an orphan vampire. She lives by herself, "apparently" looked after by her aunt who hates her, but likes it better this way. Every night, she goes out to a club, to fight others, but one day, a mysterious boy goes to watch her. And then turns up at her school. His name is Todd, and seems perfectly normal, but what is he really?
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OMG! Loved it. Great descriptions throughout. Very easy to read and enjoy. *Voted*
wow!! This is really good! I can't wait to read the rest!!! Voted, fanned and now added to my library :D
I love Vampire stories!! And i lov this one! Your description was very nice and flowing.  I simply love it:)
A good start with lots of information in this chapter.Thanks for commenting on Ultio Dulcis, it's really appreciated. Next - Jorge
Well that was very.. Interesting o.o...
I wouldn't have the guts to kill anyone.. really ._.
She  killed her parents? Wait were her parents Vamps too or just human? Lol I think I'm over analyzing but this is really good!!

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