The Tea Swigging Pirate Jones

This is the story of the fierce captain Jones And his pirate ship with the skull and cross bones. With a patch on one eye and a hook for a hand He sailed the oceans looking for land. If you just spoke his name, people trembled with fear They ran and they hid whenever he was near. His ship had huge sails (and being old, had no motor) It was dirty and smelly and he called it ‘The Floater’.
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Wow... That... Was by far the best 20 minutes I've ever wasted. Well done. I was trying to read it along as a song xD
I could have swore that the last time I read this, skeletons were involved towards the end... Quite a funny addition. Am I thinking of a different story?
This was a great story, and poem too! I enjoyed it, though sometimes the meter was a bit off as well as the rhyme scheme. Still, I really did like it.
This... was... a...mazing! You are brilliant!! Goodness, if I could vote this five times, I would!
This was Awesome :D I enjoyed this so much. Loved the rhyming and the story.:) Keep it up :D
Great for reading to my son before bed. He's got the pirate themed sheets to go right along with it

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