Taylor Swift didn't prepare me for this love story...

Arianna Marie Smith, doesn't trust boys. Doesn't like boys. Doesn't believe in relationship with boys, and doesn't like anything to do with boys. Her father doing the unthinkable to her mother, only seals the deal for Aria. When her mother decides, a summer away from everything would be the best for her theres nothing she can do. Her mother thought a summer away with her bestfriend would be pain free for her daughter, but she was wrong. Boys always manage to creep there way into Aria life, and this summer will be a summer she will never forget.
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havent started reading yet but based on all the comments i should start ASAP!!! ;)
everybody knows your suppose to run and hide if the cops are there O_o GO FOR THE WINDOWW ! 
OMG,I wonder if she going to end up in jail and her parents have to come bail her out??
Well, I've never been hit by a brick before... But I know what she means! Haha I love it though, and I can't wait to read more!!

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